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A partnership approach is always associated with clarity and openness. Strong relationship management skills and ability to communicate in a professional manner are indispensable prerequisites for successful work of our Associates. Further, persistence, goal orientation and curiosity are characteristics that make a difference. In our daily work, we are guided by four principles that we honor.

OPENNESS is for us the synonym for an honest and partner-like relationship. For us, clients and candidates are partners - in sometimes complex inter-related processes. If unforeseen friction occurs within a process, open and honest communication is the basis for resolution. Problems can be solved through combination of knowledge, experience and mutual understanding.

COMMITMENT is for us the expression of a comprehensive and complete dedication to our clients and the matter at hand. To strive is not enough for us. Only through effort and consistency do we fulfill our own - admittedly - high expectations. To meet our own high standards, know-how and great passion for the job are key requirements.

CULTURE is - despite different origins - the basis of our coexistence. Understanding, sensitivity, tolerance and fairness are expression of the respect we give our clients. This behavior is not only the prerequisite for business relationships across cultures, but also a fundamental approach to conduct within our company.

PRAGMATISM is an important goal when it comes to realization of our tasks and targets. The background for solutions requires sound theoretical knowledge; however, the solution itself must always be practicable, suitable for application in today’s and tomorrow’s business environment. Qualifications and professional experience gained by our Associates in an international environment duly fit this goal.