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The contents of employee and manager trainings and seminars are extremely diverse and deal with all topics that are relevant in work life. Training shall not only deliver technical content, but also change behavior and increase social skills.

Training contents include the following:

Programs that prepare for the next career step

Communication of content that is important for the role as a manager (Management Skills)

Seminars preparing the company for new challenges (Corporate Strategy & Innovation)

Changes that affect the organization and processes in a company (Organizational Development)

Courses focusing on the topic of Leadership

–inside or outside the company

Specialist topics - from marketing to sales to purchasing

International tasks - from intercultural training to international assignments.

This list is not meant to be complete, but is intended to give a first overview of possible training content.

Our Associates with focus on "Training" are listed below:


SIEGFRIED "ZIGGY" MÖGLICH San Francisco/San José Office, Leadership-Training