Executive Search is a methodology that is individually tailored to the customer's project and associated requirements; the efforts invested in executive search are often underestimated. Our "Taylor-made approach" can be divided into different process steps:

The first step in executive search is an intensive and in-depth discussion between consultant and client in which the job profile and candidate requirements are being described and agreed upon. In addition to professional experience and qualifications it is particularly the expectations regarding the personality of suitable candidates which is very important for us to understand in order to ensure the seamless integration into the corporate culture of our client.

Creation of a project specification describing the key qualifications of the ideal candidate, the job and management scope coming with the position as well as the job environment. The specification is the basis for the entire search and selection process.

Research and identification of potential candidates by dedicated research in the market, based on a target company list, which includes companies in the competitive environment of the client or such companies which fulfill specific criteria for the research. In addition, our own network resources as well as external professional or social networks may be necessary to be included in the research in order to utilize all available sources for candidate identification.

Initial approach to potential candidates with the aim of gaining further insight on their career background and sharing information about the position to be filled. The target of this contact is a first comparison between expectations of the client and the candidate profile. In case of a positive match and interest from candidate side, the candidate will receive the job profile, and our consultant will in turn ask for an updated CV.

In a face-to-face interview, the formal job requirements are first addressed. In addition, the individual career steps and the underlying motivation are of interest. Ultimately, it is important for us to capture the behavioral patterns and attitudes of candidates, crucial for the long-term success of a hiring decision and the "accurate fit" in the respective corporate culture. To ensure this, we conduct semi-standardized interviews that allow our consultants to really get to know a candidate and his/her goals. We gather essential information, basis for further evaluation. The interview result is summed up in a "confidential report".

As an option we personally present candidates to our clients. In doing so, we explain our assessment in advance and, if necessary, provide additional information about special facts that may not be included in the confidential report. After the presentation/interview, we discuss the outcome and plan the further course of action.

Following the above outlined dedicated executive search process, we ensure that we present the most suitable candidates to our clients.

Additional services offered by us in the process up to actual hiring of a candidate

are Psychometric analysis / personality tests

Reference checks

Assistance in employment contract negotiation

A special feature offered by JR Cape is our RPM services (Recruitment Process Modules), a modular system that lets every client choose required recruitment processes individually. Hereby our clients can take advantage of the services they need, flexibly - from advertisement based search and pre-selection to single modules such as candidate assessments.

Please ask your JR Cape consultant for further details.

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