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The field of ​​"Management Consulting" covers all functions and tasks that arise in a company and for which a consultation makes sense, internally or externally. Target consulting fields can be

- Development and support of individual areas/departments in the company - from IT, through production and sales, to the split or merger of departments and business units

- Change Management with the tasks of reorganization, realignment or support for a generation change/management handover

- Customer orientation - from the development of a sales organization, through processes to increase customer orientation / service quality, to the development of a mission statement for the development of new customers

- Process consulting in manufacturing, reducing costs or increasing efficiency

- Strategy consulting - from the development of location and production concepts to strategy development and implementation for individual departments or the entire company

- Transformation of the corporate culture and accompanying the transition to the new standards

Our Associates with focus on "Consulting" are listed below:


WALTER MASNYK Chicago und Bangkok Office, Management-Consulting (Strategy, process and manufacturing; especially for the plastics industry)


UGUR CORUH Istanbul Office, Management-Consulting