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“… focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes.”
“… is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance.”
“… the coaching process fosters evolution at every stage, for evolution emerges from within and can never be taught in prescriptive ways.”
John Whitmore 2006

Coaching is used to target a specific, previously defined topic. Coaching not only addresses professional topics, but also provides support with regard to mental attitude, personal and professional development as well as motivation. The coach does hereby not act as a consultant, but leads the client – the coachee - methodically to the previously defined objective. Coaching assumes that the coachee develops the best solution by and for him-/herself.

Different types of coaching
There are different coaching variants, which can be derived from their different objectives.

Life-coaching / self-management with the objective of obtaining clarity regarding one’s strengths, wishes and desires

Career coaching covers topics relating to professional development - starting with a view and conclusion of the current position and situation, leading to a possible next career step or self-employment

Leadership coaching with a focus on leadership issues including conflicts with employees, colleagues or superiors

Project coaching to assist project leaders, project teams or individual project members to (set and) achieve the project goal

Team coaching with the aim of supporting a team in the development and implementation of strategic goals. It targets the behavior and the action of the team and its individual team members

Sales coaching with the task of accompanying sales staff in the development and support of customers, leading them to clues for an optimized sales process by change of habits

Mental/health coaching targets problems and difficulties with one’s health or mental condition. Related to job, career and management the focus lies on topics such as burnout and fears

Nutrition coaching helps with the step-by-step conversion to new eating and living habits, which can be integrated into the daily (work) routine

Our Associates with focus on "Coaching" are listed below:


MAIK RICHTER Lüneburg/Tokyo Office, Sales-Coaching, Career Coaching

DR. RALPH JAUSS Lüneburg Office, Mental/health-Coaching, Career Coaching


UGUR CORUH Istanbul Office, Leadership coaching


SIEGFRIED "ZIGGY" MÖGLICH San Francisco/San José Office, Leadership coaching