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Could you be interested in becoming part of our international Associate team? Working with JR Cape as Associate member comes with a number of benefits.

As a member

  • you are coequal Associate from day 1
  • you remain independent, with all the advantages of the established umbrella brand
  • you have access to the growing global associate network
  • you have various additional revenue streams
  • you have only small membership fees (no franchise)
  • you can immediately expand your service offering through the Associates network

For a brief overview of the benefits joining JR Cape Associates, please refer to our downloadable flyer as well as the video below

Flyer in English flyer_1page_associates_v01_en.pdf [176 KB]

If you are interested in joining the international JR CAPE Associates network, we would be happy to be in touch with you soon.

By submitting the contact form, you agree to our confidentiality agreement and enable us to contact you back within short.

Your data will not be stored in a database. After receiving your request, we will contact you shortly. The communication between you and us and the information and / or contractual documents sent to you are subject to the confidentiality agreement (confidentiality agreement, as of December 2017).

Confidentiality Agreement

I hereby assure that all content of communication with JR Cape Group GmbH as well as information and/or contract documents provided to me by JR Cape Group GmbH after I request their contact by me submitting the contact form on this website will be treated fully confidentially and will not be passed on or shared with any other third parties. I herewith agree that I will not use any documents or any part of them and/or information provided by JR Cape Group GmbH for my own commercial purposes or for other customers or clients without prior written consent of JR Cape Group GmbH.

The term of this confidentially agreement is unlimited, and I am fully aware that breach of this agreement may have legal consequences for me.


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